This is my first blog entry. Actually, I don’t know what to write or why I even bother creating one (blogsite). They say “sharing is caring” (such a cliché!) and believe it or not I CARE. I DO. SOMETIMES?! YES maybe NO?! Btw, my former DLSU volleyball teammates can attest to this! Lol! :p Okay sige…. I care about our country, I care about my family, I care about my career, I care about what will happen to me/family 5-10-30-1000 years from now, I care about my cute nieces and nephews, I care about my Mom. I’m not anxious on what the future holds for me but sometimes late at night I think of things like, When will I get married?!, Do I want a son or a daughter?, Why is Antman and Spiderman in the Avengers – Civil war movie!?, Who the hell stole my bag last month?! What happened at Tipple 3 weeks ago?! WHY THE FCK IS BMM NOT SORRY FOR WHAT HIS FATHER DID?!, What if Papa is still here with us?! 😢 These thoughts keeps kapre awake at night….. Fck it! I love Lays Seaweed flavor!