Went on a random trip to Masasa beach (Tingloy, Batangas) last week since I have nothing to do in Makati. My initial plan was to go to Magalawa island in Zambales. But first things first! Google “MAGALAWA ISLAND REVIEWS 2016” –  I read some bad reviews about the place (lots of trash , “nothing special”, bleached corals, etc.) Deal breaker was – Bleached corals! So Friday night I decided to go to Masasa beach. Fortunately, Tingloy is near my home town Lipa city (3 hrs away) and also cheaper in terms of transportation cost.

Left Makati at 6AM


I arrived at Talaga port in Mabini, Batangas around 10:00AM. Tagala port is the jump off point going to Tingloy island.

Travel time from Talaga to Tingloy – 45 minutes – 1hr (a very slow boat ride). Oh well, province vibes “mabagal ang galaw ng tao at oras”.

Upon arriving at Tingloy Port, I rode a tricycle going to Masasa beach for 60 pesos (I think I got robe). A short but very bumpy ride. Just imagine a 6’3″ guy riding a tricycle – Fetal position #tallguyproblems.


Rice field near Masasa


I was a bit disappointed upon setting foot on the shores of Masasa. Garbage are everywhere (plastic bags, plastic bottles, sharp broken glasses, cigarette butts, etc.) One positive thing about the place was locals were very accommodating, Manong lolo aka ” the boat man” approached me and suggested a place where I can pitch my tent – away from other campers and “cleaner”.

Around 12nn – a group of college students (3 girls 2 boys) approached me and asked if I was travelling alone and I said “Yes!” and someone from their group said “Mukha nga, complete gear mo dude! Ang cool!” Yes!!!! Certified backpacker na ako! 😈 These guys are HIGH AF!!! As in! 😨  Hoy! “#AlamBaNiTitaYan?!?! They even asked me I have “smokes” or I “smoke”. I replied with pa-cool kuya voice, “tapos na ako dyan tol!” and out of the blue, one of the girls asked me how old am I (How rude! hahaha!). Without any hesitation and with strong conviction, I replied “28!!!” (Once I was 20 years old…….😂) She looked disappointed at my answer hahahahaha! Excuse me! 28 is still young!!! 😂😂😂

After a good chat with them, I went snorkeling.

Fave part! Snorkeling!

Wow! This place is a haven for divers! Lots of colorful corals and fishes!

After 30 minutes of snorkeling. I went back to my tent and prepared dinner.

The next day I woke up around 6AM and ate breakfast. I decided to go for one last dive before I go home to Lipa.

At around 7am, I went snorkeling and I saw this cute green turtle!!! I shall name him – Kapreturle! 😂


Super unexpected Mr. Kapreturle!!! 🐢 Thank you!!

After an hour playing with Kapreturle, it’s time to go home. 😢 I left Tingloy port at 9AM (last trip going to Talaga port). Arrived home at Lipa 12NN – just in time to order Lom-eh & Chicken Chami! Yummmmm! 😊

9PM went back to Manila.

I only spent almost 1K (Transpo & Food).

I wish the local goverment Batangas/Tingloy place Masasa beach as a special protected zone.

#IslandKapre #WhereisChris #Kapreturle

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