After a whole week of tiring work, finally I can get some much needed Vitamin Sea!

Day 1 (July 16, 2016)

Left my place around 9:00am to catch my flight (12:50PM) at Terminal 4. Thank you babe (Chloe) for waking me up! Buti na lang talaga you called to check if I’m awake na! if not for sure I’ll miss my flight.

12:40PM – Boarding (Cebu Pacific MNL-USU)

My assigned seat number was 6D (window seat) Surprise! Surprise! There’s this Tito of Manila sitting on my assigned seat! so I politely asked him (Yes, politely! lol). “Sir, what’s your seat number po?” sabi nya “Dito ako” So I was like, “Sir, ganito kasi ang seating arrangement 6A,6B,6C & 6D. 6D po ako. Dyan po ako.” Nagalit si Tito, sabay “Okay! Okay! okay! I’ll transfer!” Gusto ko sana sumagot pero nasa vacation ako ayaw ko na ng hassle. Buti na lang his wife was calm and said “Lumipat ka na kasi daddy”. Takosa (takot sa asawa) ka pala e! sus! :p

2:30PM – Checked-in at Seahorse Guest House

I booked my room thru their website ( I got the air-conditioned dorm type room – 2 double deck beds, with own CR, sink and shower w/ heater. Price posted on their site was 750/night but I got mine for 650/night with breakfast! Hooray for off season rates! 🙂 Sad part was, you only have 2 choices for breakfast either continental (3pcs white bread, fried egg & fruits) or Filipino (Pork Tocino, plain rice, fried egg & fruits).

Had no trouble sleeping for 3 nights- Properly functioning AC (LUMALAMIG! Hindi BUGA lang.), fresh/comfy pillow, bed, comforter, and a small cabinet with lock for your valuables. Overall: I’ll give this guest house 4/5 (if only they offered another breakfast choice like fish or beef tapa).

3:30PM – Went to Angel’s Motorcycle to rent a scooter

Hope the scooter

Rented a scooter for 5 hrs (300php) plus 50 pesos gasoline. A bit more expensive than renting in Siquijor (35o/day).

You only need an ID to rent a bike! 🙂 ANY ID! :))

4:00PM – Went to Rocksteady Dive Center Coron

Rock steady dive center

Went here to officially book my Freediving class (Apnea Total). They are also offering fun dives, wreck dives, open water and many more! Click here to view their website ( Plus you get to ride their Rasta themed Jeepney! Insert Bob Marley song here!

My certification course wasn’t cheap, Php 12,000 for 2 days but it was all worth it! Kudos to Paula, Cat and Martin and all the staff of Rock steady Dive Center! (Full story on Day 2 & 3)

After I secured my down payment at Rock Steady, I went for a quick ride around the town. No traffic, no arrogant drivers, no pollution, very few cars, it’s just me and my scooter (Hell yeah!).  Realized that I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I decided to grab some LUNNER (Lunch + Dinner lame right? lol.) at Big Mama’s Coron. They also have a branch in Boracay, I usually go there to eat because (1) food is cheap (2) serves Filipino dishes SINIGANG! (3) they sell sweet corn on the cub!  I had high hopes for this place but they failed me and my appetite. I ordered 2 pcs. pork bbq with rice for 180 pesos (Too damn expensive!) plus a bottle of 12oz coke and water, 40 pesos and 35 pesos respectively (I could buy a liter of coke/water for that price! Shame! Shame! Shame!) Don’t even bother eating here when you visit Coron.

Around 5:30PM, I climbed Mt. Tapyas (721 steps to the top). The view was spectacular – 360 view of Coron! Be sure to bring water, small towel and extra shirt. Also, please wear rubber soled shoes (you don’t want to get blisters during your vacation, right?).

My face after 721 steps
Sunset at Mt. Tapyas


Around 7PM, I went to Maquinit Hot spring, I got lost on my way going there. There were signage around but the road was dark and full of terrors! GOT fan here! 🙂

Pitch-black, full moon & rough road

Entrance fee is 200 pesos per head. Wear citronella bracelet or apply off lotion before going here – this place is infested with mosquitoes.

Entrance Maquinit hot spring

Day 2

7:30 AM, went to Rock Steady to meet up with Paula and Cat. They briefed me about freediving and what to expect in the next 2 days. The goal was to properly execute all the breathing and recovery techniques.While in transit, a couple from Korea asked me if I’m Japanese! Lol! Sobrang sunog ko kaya ate at kuya! I told them that I’m 100% Filipino and they couldn’t believe it. Baka dahil singkit ako? Pero hindi parin e! BTW, I was the only Filipino in the group and all of them are scuba divers.

Lunch break

We went to 3 Japanese WWII ship wrecks (Teru Kaze Maru, Morazan Maru & Lusong boat). I did reach 11 meters on my 1st day. I felt a little bit disappointed, my goal was to reach 15 meters but again the main goal was to do all techniques properly and I think I got those covered. So 5 stars for me? hehe! Paula did a great job guiding me all through out the process! Thank you again Paula!

Hello Scuba friends!
On our way back to town. #PalePilsen

Day 3

Last day of my freediver certification course. We went to 2 Japanese ship wrecks (Teru Kaze Maru & Morazan Maru). I reached 20 meters at Teru Kaze Maru! Yahooooo! Until today, I still couldn’t believe it, I was able to reach 20 meters with one single breath! The struggle was real! During those attempts, my mind keep on saying “Chris, you can’t do it. You need to come up and breathe. This is not normal!” But with the help of Paula I reached 20 meters! Hindi pwede na uuwi ako without reaching my goal! I kept on telling myself na parang volleyball lang yan! 24-24 ang score and you’re in front what are you going to do? So PUSH! Patay kung patay!

You can view the video on my IG and FB account.

Day 4

Woke up early to go to the other side of Coron. I went to Bali and Coba beach for a quick dip, 30 & 5o pesos entrance fee. Both can be reached via land, either by renting a tricycle or scooter, approximately 8-10 kms outside town.

Road going to Bali and Coba Beach
Bali Beach Arff!
Coba Beach 10 mins away from Bali Beach

I still got an hour to spare and roam around town. I then decided to go to King’s ranch near Busuanga airport. The ranch is 16kms away from town. After 30 minutes I arrived at King’s ranch, enjoyed the view for 5 minutes and went back to town. Btw, I saw a brand new red Porsche on my way back to town! I wonder who owns that hmmmm…….. Mr. President parang may gusto po akong isumbong! Okay going back, I was a bit nervous because the gas tank was nearing empty and the nearest gas station was 12 kms away! Good thing I saw a small store that sells gasoline for 55 pesos/bottle. Thank God!

I reached town around 11:30AM, just in time for a quick shower before checking out.

2:00PM I left Seahorse Guest House. My flight was scheduled at 4:50PM back to Manila. I landed in Manila around 7PM.

Going back to Manila

Sayang lang I wasn’t able to go to twin lakes of Coron (Kayangan & Barracuda) but I got my mission accomplished! Dive 20 meters in one single breath! Thank you Coron! I’ll be back!

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Next destination – Marinduque!