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Yes, traveling and staying in Puerto Galera is so much cheaper than planning a vacation in Boracay. Some even call it as “poor man’s Boracay”, but this place has something Boracay doesn’t have. Puerto Galera has rich marine biodiversity! It sits in front of Verde island passage, which is named as the “center of the center” of marine biodiversity! The Califonia Academy of Science discovered 400-plus marine spices, including rare and new species of fish, invertebrates, plants and corals! Beat that Boracay! Don’t get me wrong I also love Boracay. πŸ™‚ What I’m saying is, Puerto Galera is not just for cheap travelers. This place is so underrated!

Talipanan Beach

Day 1 #WhereareChrisandChloe

This was my first out-of-town trip with Chloe.

We left Quezon city around 10AM. The weather wasn’t favorable that day. I thought of canceling the trip due to bad weather and I know for a fact that the waves going to Puerto Galera tend to be strong in the afternoon. Afternoon boat ride plus storm equals BUWIS BUHAY! πŸ™‚

So we made it to Batangas Pier at around 12:30PM. We bought round trip at Minolo Shipping Lines (MSL). They offer round trip ticket plus free shuttle service (drop-off and pick-up). Go straight to their booth don’t talk to the kuya’s offering you tickets.

Here we go!

We left Batangas Pier at 2:30PM bound for Puerto Galera. It was sunny when we left the pier. Surprise! Surprise! It was raining HARD! Big waves everywhere! I was scared a bit but I needed to look confident and in control coz I don’t want Chloe to panic #feelingstrong #atapangataohindiatakot. The typical 1.5 hours boat ride ballooned to almost 3 hours.

We were soaking wet went we arrived at the port (we were sited in front). Good thing our shuttle service was there already!

Veronica’s Inn (veronicasinn.wordpress.com)

We checked-in at Veronica’s Inn (10-15mins away from White beach). The place has it own swimming pool, billiard table, mini bar and restaurant. We got the deluxe room (beach view) on our 1st day and attic room on the 2nd. The deluxe room was okay, AC worked properly, bed sheets and towel were clean, cable TV, free bottled water. On the 2nd day we stayed in the Attic room – spacious, bigger bed, has its own veranda, cable TV, bigger CR and a mini library just before you enter the room. Down side – lights were not properly working and no exhaust fan/window in the CR.

Dinner time at White Beach

Day 2 – Road trip to Puerto Galera town

Grabbed breakfast at Veronica’s before heading to town. (Free! Part of accommodation)

Road trip!

20 minute ride from Talipanan to Puerto Galera town (8-10kms).

One of the things I look forward to whenever I travel – ride a motorcycle! and this time around I’m with someone special! May mahihiling pa ba ako?! πŸ™‚ #soldieroflove

Sorry busog ako!
Hang loose!
This guy! Good guy Fr. Erwin Thiel

In the afternoon we ate at Veranda restaurant, located at the farthest left side of White beach.

Chloe ordered Seafood Risotto and I ordered Pesto pasta.

DON’T EVER GO TO THIS PLACE! We got robbed here!

Bad: Bland taste, price (too expensive),”Seafood” Risotto but it only had 3 mussels, 2 old and dry shrimps and 3 pieces of rubber like squid for 500+ pesos (Really 500+ for that?), Al dente not RAW, over cooked pesto pasta for 300+ pesos SHM!

Good: View. That’s it.

Dinner at Chloes Restaurant (Yes! No apostrophe CHLOES lol! What a coincidence Chloe dinning at CHLOES! Lol.)

Another disaster! We waited almost 30+ minutes for our food (Pork Sinigang and grilled chicken).

Good: Nothing.

Bad: Everything.

Day 3 – Aninuan beach

Quick dip before checking-out. We spent a good 30 minutes here before heading back to Veronica’s.

Morning walk
Small talk πŸ™‚
Aninuan beach


Free diving πŸ™‚
Mr. Turtle in front of Veronica’s

12NN – Check-out at Veronica’s Inn.

1PM – Shuttle service c/o MSL to Puerto Galera pier

2PM – Departure (Puerto Galera – Batangas pier)

4PM – Arrival at Batangas pier

6PM – Arrival at QC

Tips: Rent a motorcycle 300/day + 50 pesos gasoline (much cheaper than getting a tricycle to drive you around plus you can stop and take pictures anytime!) Get tickets from Minolo Shipping Lines AKA MSL 600/head (Puerto Galera to Batangas vice versa plus free shuttle service) Research where to eat!

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