It’s our (Me and Chloe’s) first time to go to Baler. It is said to be the “birthplace” of surfing in the Philippines. It is located 230 kilometers north-east of Manila. It is accessible via private car, bus (Genesis) & plane (Skyjet). My advice is that take you book a bus (Joy Bus) going to Baler. Try to book online ( to avoid the hassle of lining up at the bus station. Genesis Joy bus goes straight to Baler (non-stop). The cost is 730 pesos/head one-way. I think their first trip is 1:30AM, next is 2:30AM and last is 5:30AM. Travel time takes around 5.5hrs. Bring a jacket! It can get very cold!

We booked the 5:30AM bus and arrived at Baler at around 11:00AM. After arriving at Baler Genesis bus terminal, I immediately went to the counter and ask if there are still seats available for tomorrow going back to Manila but to our surprise, all bus bound for Manila are booked already! Boo!

Hungry and still freezing to death, we decided to eat brunch first and check-in at Circle Hostel (

Common area at Circle Hostel-Baler


After, we went to Sabang beach to check the beach out and try to catch some waves. The weather was still gloomy and raining a bit. The waves didn’t cooperate as well – it was “mushy”. Yes! Surfer lingo! #coolkid

No waves? No problem! Grab a drink at BBC!


Gloomy weather
Hello from Chloe and Chris

We spend the whole afternoon here, drinking & chatting with locals (surfer instructors). If you want to chill and grab a cold beer do visit BBC.

Beer pong!

We left BBC and check back in at Circle Hostel to freshen up and grab some dinner. We had dinner at Bay’s Inn ( . We ordered Friend chicken, Pork sinigang, Tokwa’t baboy, 2 cups of rice, Calamansi juice (SUPER ASIM) & Green mango shake (Superb) – all for 777 pesos! Great deal considering the taste and serving size! It can fill up 3-4 starving surfers! After dinner, we head back to Circle and snoozed off.

Day 2 – Scooter ride to Diguisit beach, PAGASA weather station & Dicasalarin cove

We rented a scooter at BBC (Half-day 400 pesos excluding gas). It’s a bit expensive, usually, it’s just 400 whole day. oh well!




It’s always better to rent out a scooter – It gives you flexibility and freedom! You can stop where ever you want and take pictures. Plus! On a bike, you find inner peace, some of which will stay with you off the bike. #STOKED

Hey, can I get your number?

We went up to the PAGASA weather station and took some pictures. You can visit the place for free! Be extra careful going here the road is STEEP.



Look at that view!

Time for some photo op at Diguisit Beach! You need to pay 20 pesos to enter the “resort” you can use the bathroom, swimming, and cottages. If you don’t want to pay 20 pesos/head then move a little bit further and go down the breakwater to take some pictures. If you’re that dirt cheap. šŸ™‚

Ang ganda ng Pilipinas
PERO! Mas maganda siya!
Hang loose!

We checked back in at Hostel. Grab some brunch and checked-out. We left Baler 4:00PM via van (650 pesos/head) straight to Cubao – Genesis bus terminal. It was already 10:30PM when we arrived at Cubao.

Try to see the other side of Baler!

NEXT STOP – Mindanao (Davao, Mati, Cateel, Bislig, Surigao, Siargao & CDO)

Last trip for the year? šŸ™‚

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