10. You feel helpless when you’re sick. “Mommy, I feel hot”

hannibal sick nightmare ill sweat

9. You left your dirty dishes for days, weeks or months. Thinking someone will clean it up for you.

8. You walk around naked. EVERYTIME.

7. You freak out when someone suddenly knocks on the door. Oplan Tokhang?!

Sir, delivery po!

6. Paying bills is a monthly adulting task – Rent, Car, Gas, Water, Electricity, Cable, Internet, Laundry, Mineral water, Phone, etc.

Here is a donation to the oligarchs

5. Your place is a default house party venue

Tandaan: Pag may alak may balak!

4. You forced yourself to learn how to cook, iron clothes, wash dishes, clean your room/CR, etc.

Just add soap and it will be clean they said

3. You kick the sh*t out of your front door because you left the keys inside. Happened to me twice!

Anak ng P***** I**! Nasaan ang susi ko?!!!

2. You never thought how expensive living is.

Ripped jeans for 7,000 pesos?! HELL NO!

1. You miss home.

Grandfathered family dinner cheers john stamos

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