It’s nice to be back!

After 2.5hrs of butt-numbing van ride (P200) from Gaisano Davao to Mati city finally, DAHICAN BEACH! Achop bai!

This place is among the best-kept secrets of Mindanao or even the Philippines! Most people think that going to Mindanao is dangerous that traveling here is an absolute no-no! You’re missing a lot if you haven’t been to Mindanao especially Dahican! Shootout to my friends at Surf Village Hostel (Harry, Unad, Vincent, Dan-dan, Jeb-jeb & Jon-jon)!

If you are on a budget you can stay at Surf Village Hostel – Click here ( For sure you’ll have a blast! They offer surfing lessons too!

From Mati city terminal you can ride a motorcycle (habal-habal) going to Dahican beach. It will cost you around P50-P80 depending on your haggling skills. The ride is just around 10-15 mins (5-7kms).


Habal-habal ride

After checking-in at Surf Village hostel, I went straight to Menzi beach to grab something to eat (15-minute walk). There is no entrance fee at Menzi Beach, it is clean and well maintained public beach. Kudos to Mati city LGU!


Menzi Life Guard on duty


Menzi beach




Day 2 – I got an internship as a fisherman!

I was like a kid on Christmas morning! Super excited! I had my long fins, snorkel, mask & camera ready as early as 5 AM! 2 hours on the job I gave up! It was tiring, imagine I had my long fins, snorkel and mask on and these guys only had homemade goggles! Respect to these guys!


Fishermen of Mati



Fishing is more fun in Mati




In the afternoon, Vincent and I went to their post-graduation party at Menzi. I was welcomed by his colleagues (Policemen) they even offered me to drink and party with them. This is what I like about Mati, people are very welcoming and friendly! After a few beers, I went back to the hostel and rest because the next day will be a long day (Cateel-Bislig).



Salamat po!


There are lots of things you can do in Mati other than swimming and surfing.Skim board with the No. 1 skimboarder in the country (Bayogyog), conquer the skies at Mindanao Saga flying school, visit Subangang Museum, look for the sleeping dinosaur, catch a breathtaking sunrise at Menzi, etc.  #ItsmorefuninDAHICAN

Check out their website below:

Surf Village Hostel –

Mindanao Saga Flying School –

Here are my expenses:

Day 1 Gaisano Mall to Mati city  ₱               200.00
Mati to Dahican (Surf Village)  ₱                  60.00
Late lunch at Menzi (Cup noodles and Coke)  ₱                  35.00
Dinner  (La-ne’s Kalapyanhan)  ₱               100.00
Accomodation  c/o Boss Harry
Day 2 Breakfast (La-ne’s Kalapyanhan)  ₱                  80.00
Lunch (La-ne’s Kalapyanhan) I ate 2 lunch meals 🙂  ₱               200.00
Dinner  (La-ne’s Kalapyanhan)  ₱                  80.00
Accomodation  c/o Boss Harry
 Day 3  OMW to Cateel (Aliwagwag Falls)
Total  ₱               755.00

Soon – Part 3: Tour de Mindanao (Cateel-Hinatuan)

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